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Digital & Offset Printing

IPrint Express, a leading print house company in Singapore, offers wide range of high quality and affordable digital print services. Specializing in both digital printing and offset printing, which are ideal for both personal and business use, we are capable of meeting any type of digital printing demands. List of digital print products include Namecards, Calendars, Mailers, Greeting Cards, Invoices, Letterhead, Postcards and other marketing tools. Digital or Offset Printing?

Large Format Printing

Large format printing is the newest trend in modern advertising and it is proven to be highly effective in reaching out to potential clients. Unlike small stickers and fliers, marketing tools like huge billboards and POPs command your target audience to pay attention and take action. Designed to be displayed on high traffic areas, they are efficient advertising tools that can help you promote any product and strengthen your brand.  

IPrint Express is your one-stop-shop for all your large format digital printing needs. Deeply committed to turning visions into eye-catching visual realities, we have access to state-of-the-art printing equipment that allows us to print out in wide range of dimensions and resolutions. We offer you the latest breakthroughs in digital imaging technology giving you an assurance that your business will get the kind of attention it needs. 

Large Format Installation


 Flyers Distribution

With the growing need to ensure that your business is visible in the marketand sticks in the minds of your consumers, it is important to understand that a medium can make or break the kind of message you are sending out.This is it is essential to use large format printing. The main advantage ofthis is the fact that it can be seen from a great distance, which meansthat consumers looking for the kinds of services you provide can make abeeline for you. Apart from this, large format printing allows you to be ascreative as you want with your visuals, without having to worry about nothaving enough space on the medium to convey your message. Whether you need one print or one thousand prints, customer satisfaction is our denition of success.

  • HDB Letterbox & Door to Door Distribution
  • Landed Distribution
  • Commercial Distribution (Singpost)
  • Condo Distribution (Singpost)

Other Serivces

  • Variable Data Printing
  • Personalised Printing
  • Brand Design
  • Direct Mailing