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About IPrint Express

IPrint Express is one of Singapore’s youngest but determined one-stop providers of uncompromising, high quality printing services serving both individuals and businesses. Started as a small in-house printing, IPrint Express client base has grew dramatically that the company decided to expand the business by adding the online printing service. Through its brand new website, the company aims to provide customers with convenient way of placing order.

Specializing in digital printing, offset printing, and large format services, we print Namecard, Flyes, Brochures, Poster, and marketing materials with the ultimate goal to give businesses that much-needed unique and distinctive edge.

Established just in 2013, IPrint Express has managed to build an impressive reputation in helping business grow and achieve their full marketing potential. We take that extra mile to provide unmatched print services and state-of-the art products. That is why, it’s no wonder why in just four year in the business, we are already a highly recognized and trusted Singapore print production house.

Although were are new, it doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced – in fact, the business was born out of passion to challenge established printing houses that stays in business just for profit. We care about quality, customer satisfaction, and affordability. With our highly skilled designers and state-of-the-art printing technology, we are on our way to be the best in this industry.